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 The Corona Virus 

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Cleaning of Surfaces 

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How to deactivate virus

  Local situation 


The few measures to be taken for now, locally and individually, aim at reducing infection rates with the goal to flattening the course of the seriously diseased fractions of infected persons. Only then the hospital capacities are not over-exploited, and the number of fatalities can be minimized.


The measures involve

  • reducing the infection rates, everywhere,
  • collecting data on the details as cases, trends, rates, symptoms, treatments, ...
  • conducting research to find vaccination tools and treatment medicine


  • expanding and sharing the medical resources.
  • In addition to all these measures, there is demand to carefully use hygienic tools, in order to protect medical personal and the public as well.


As communicated from March 2020,
the most efficient way to reduce the infection rates consists of two measures:

  1. reduce the number of social contacts among the population


  2. enhance personal and public hygiene as much as possible.



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