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 The Corona Virus 

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Cleaning of Surfaces 

What surfaces are there?What Properties do Surfaces have?What challenges are there?


How to deactivate virus

  What surfaces are there?


Surfaces are abundant.


First and most important, the skin is the surface of the body, and it must be kept clean as a matter of health. In view of bacteria and viruses being potentially present all the time, and especially with the SARS-CoV-2 –virus, hand hygiene by use of careful and frequent cleansing with commercial soap is the direct and most efficient demand in times of pandemia. Virus transfer into the body by touching the face etc. is the major risk besides droplet airborne infection.  Hand washing after touching contaminated surfaces is a must.

Contaminated surfaces is where initially non-infected persons may get into contact with bacteria and viruses. Therefore, all surfaces that are jointly used by touching them must be kept free of virus by adequate surface hygiene.


Examples are

  • door and tab handles,
  • tables, and seating surfaces,
  • sports apparatus, ...



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